It's blizzarding outside.




Johnny Chung Lee: THE FUTURE IS HERE.

Have you guys heard of Johnny Chung Lee? Holy Cow. He is creating the future of cool technology. It is insane. If you're interesed in all the fun things that can be done with Wii's, go here
, go to Wii Remote Projects, and watch the videos. Particularly the 3rd one down.

I mean HOLY COW!



We found Spongebob at the beach.

The beautiful beach.

It's a lighthouse. In case you didn't know.

Everyone at the beach (except D. Ann, she likes being behind the camera :)

We went to a diner after our walk around the lighthouse. It was some pretty delicious ice cream.

That's it. See you guys later!


Long Time No See....

Hey Guys. It's been a while since I've written anything new. We got back from Washington for Christmas, and then we had family here, and then Trevor got a cold, and then school started. It's been pretty crazy. I'll try to post some pictures from our trip to Washington, but in the meantime, here's this:

The trip back took 15 and a half hours. That was... terrible. But the next day Kim and David and my Mom came to visit! It was pretty awesome. They got to see the house, and meet Piper. Trevor's been sick for a while, just on and off headaches and sniffles. I started school on Wednesday. It's going to be insanely busy, but that's good, My classes should all be fun.

Anyways, this is pretty pale, But I'll beef it up later with some pictures, and other stuff. I just wanted you guys to know that we did not, in fact fall off the face of the earth.