Christmas with Atticus

Christmas with Atticus has been great! He's got a little cold, so there weren't too many smiles, but he's been pretty content.

The week before Christmas was filled with baking and Christmas music and playtime with Atticus!

Atticus on Christmas Eve in the outfit that Grandma Hall sent him. Isn't he adorable? There were booties too, but they were a little small for him.
EDIT: I just realized that in these two pictures (above and below) it looks like Atticus hands and feet are covered in grape juice or something. I promise they're not really that purple, I must have messed them up when I was adjusting the color and the lighting.

Atticus wanted to open his presents early.

He was especially interested in the bows... delicious, apparently.

As always, the camera is the favorite toy. Look at those baby blues!

Atticus woke up at 6:30 on Christmas morning! I love those Christmas pajamas. Bee Tee Double You, he's sitting next to Trevor's Toffee Chocolate Orange. YUM.

And here he is, our little present, playing with one of his many, many new toys!

Trevor and I had a great Christmas too! Trevor got me a WII!!!!! It is the coolest thing we own! Cooler than our house! Trevor got a Miter Saw and bullet reloading kit, so he's pretty psyked.

This afternoon we had Peter and Leigh-Ann over for Christmas dinner, and it was a blast! We had fun reminicing and talking about the effects of morphine. We also ate the first turkey I've ever cooked. It turned out okay, if I do say so myself! And Leigh-Ann's roll were FANTASTIC!

Now we're watching a Muppet Christmas Carol (Thanks Peter and Leigh-Ann!) and we're about to put Atticus to bed, ending his very first Christmas ever. Hopefully the very first of many, many wonderful Christmas that he'll enjoy. We miss everyone, and we love you so very much!

To cap it off, here's a video of Atticus at 6:30 this morning playing with his toys.


It's that time again!!

Merry Christmas Eve!! I know you've been waiting for it... the traditional Michelle's Blog Christmas Carol. So here's the linky.

After two years, I'm still beside myself with laughter when I hear it.

Have an excellent Christmas Eve! Eat lots and if you're a Butchart, have fun opening presents tonight!



Christmas Letter in bigger font

It's come to my attention that our letter is almost impossible to read. So here it it in a clearer, bigger font

Dear Friends and Family,

Dear Friends and Family, that sounds pretty cheesy in my mind, but we can't think of anything better. This is our first family Christmas newsletter, because we finally feel like we have something newsy to talk about: Atticus!

After a long, uncomfortable (aren't they always), but thankfully uneventful pregnancy, Atticus Trevor Butchart was born on May 15th, 2009. Weighing in at 7 lbs, 11 oz and 21 inches in length, he was pretty much an all-star from the beginning. He had some breathing issues and had to stay in the NICU and Special Care Nursery for 3 days, but after that we got to bring him home!

May and June were spent adjusting to parenthood and all of it's sleepless glory. Michelle honestly doesn't remember much except for nursing Atticus every 40 to 60 minutes. That's not an exaggeration. Trevor jumped into fatherhood headfirst during those weeks and hasn't looked back since!

On Independence Day weekend in July, we blessed Atticus in church with our family around us. We had such a fun time with everyone there! We managed to squeeze in family pictures, a 4th of July parade, a trip to see Aunt Julie & Co. in Victor, and Austin's birthday all into that weekend. The last weekend of July we were pleased to make a trip to Washington to see Trevor's Uncle Larry and Aunt Janet get married! It was a beautiful ceremony, and we always love being in Washington.

In August, we had out 3rd anniversary! We are constantly amazed at how quickly time passes. That month we also had Zucchinipocalypse 2009. The garden had gone fairly neglected after Atticus was born, and some of the zucchini got a little out of hand, on particular zucchini getting literally as big as the baby. A big thank you goes out to all of our neighbors who accepted zucchini bread and brownies from us! Michelle's brother David also came to live with us in August! It was great to have him aroudn to play with Atticus and to help round out our dinner table.

Trevor began teaching at BYU-Idaho again in September, after taking the summer semester off, and was delighted to be working for PPCCF during the day and teaching his night class. We also managed to go to the State Fair in September, which Michelle really enjoyed.

At the beginning of October, Michelle and Atticus made the trek out to California to see Grandma and Grandpa Hall, along with Chris and Lorna and their collective bunch. We had such a fun time! We took Atticus to the pumpkin farm and to the beach for the firsrt time. Michelle for to go boogie boarding for the first time in a couple of years, and had a blast! For Halloween we all stayed at home and handed out candy, what with Atticus being a little too young to go trick of treating, and Trevor and Michelle being a little too old. However, we did dress up Atticus like a lobster while Trevor and Michelle wore chef hats (insert eyebrow wiggle here). October was a big month for Atticus, as he learned to sit up by himself and experienced snow for the first time!

November was a wonderful month with Thanksgiving and all kinds of new foods for Atticus. He discovered that squash is not of the kid approved list, but sweet potatoes and apples certainly are. Thanksgiving was spent in Utah with most of Trevor's family. It was a wonderful trip! Atticus was adored on every side by his grandparents and great grandparents.

December is shaping up to be pretty fantastic too! Atticus is learning how to crawl absurdly fast, and the little man certainly doesn't weigh 7 poudns anymore... now he's a 20 pound, 29 inch enormous 7 month old! Trevor and I are enjoying life with our much loved little one, missing all of our family and friends who can't be with us this time of year.

We are so grateful for all of you, and thank you especially for your support during our transition into parenthood. We love all of you, and hope that we get to spend time with you in the new year!


Trevor, Michelle and Atticus


2009 Family Newsletter

Here's our 2009 Christmas Newsletter! You'll probably have to click on it to read it, because I'm wordy like that.


Good Sunday Times

Check out those rad baby pants. How many of you used to have a pair like that?

This is his cute new scrunch face smile that he's just started to do. Cute, eh?

And lastly, hilarious baby talk with some belly bongo drums. Look at those two teeth. I'm beginning to wonder if he'll go through life with just those two.


The Ten Plagues Finger Puppets

You know your bible stories, right? Remember the 10 Plagues of Egypt? Moses and the rotten Pharaoh?

Someone thought it would be a good idea to turn the 10 plagues into finger puppets. For the kids, I guess. No, that's not my hand, and I don't actually have these. Someone else found these at a gas station.

Now that you've taken in those pictures for a few minutes (I'm sure you have. I'm pretty sure it's impossible to stare at those pictures for anything less than 3 minutes), allow me to point out a few things: everyone but Darkness and Death of Firstborn Son are smiling. It's like the rest of the plagues were just a party, but Darkness and Death of Firstborn Son are Debbie Downer.

I also like how Lice's fists are up in the air, like he's saying "I AM THE CHAMPION!"

And the Blood isn't even shaped like a blood drop. He's like a blood drop that's been smushed in a microscope slide.


Gingerbread Houses!

Last night Glenn, David, Peter, Leigh-Ann and Trevor and I all made gingerbread houses! Without gingerbread. I'm not that cool. But graham crackers did pretty well.

Despite some seriously lacking frosting (it was way too runny), we had a couple all-star buildings

Glenn had, by far, the best house/fort. Isn't that beautiful?

David made a car that was also pretty spectacular.

This is Peter's Art Deco project. Museum worthy, no?

Trevor made a snowman massacre. Those are killer fish in the pond, who somehow also destroyed the house.

Pay no attention to the woman with no make-up and no shower. Instead, focus your attention on the spectacular Kenmore refrigerator box in the dirt, with a dirty snowman. The top says "this side up".
And, of course, the star of the show! He made no contribution to the gingerbread house population, but he did entertain Leigh-Ann for a while. I promise Leigh-Ann was there, but she didn't make a house and I forgot to snag a picture of her before she left. She was beautiful, as always :)


Crafting and Christmas

What has Michelle been up to these days? Well, besides slathering lotion on the Attigator's newly diagnosed winter eczema (don't worry, it's never bothered him at all, it just freaks me out to see it), I'm been making THIS STUFF:

I actually started work on this a long time ago, but after refinishing the wood didn't work out exactly how I wanted, I bagged it and just bought a can of spray paint. The reupholstery work was super easy though.

Christmas countdown... 'nuff said.

We just got a Kitchenaid, and I wanted to try making fondant. I think these turned out pretty adorable and delicious, if I do say so myself!

I've also been getting into embroidery and cross stitching lately. I just made these Christmas curtains out of a couple of tea towels. Obviously they need to be shortened a bit, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

I've also found that, since having Atticus, I need a place to channel... certain... aspects of my personality. Cross stitching is the perfect place (perfectly hilarious place) to say things that don't have a place in baby conversation.

Of course, I like to cross stitch pretty things too, and this is just super simple, but this cracks me up every time I see it.


I can't wait to see this! I love seeing the differences in parenting between cultures, but even more than that, I love seeing the similarities. Like the beginning and the end: Kids fight the same, no matter where they're raised; and if we ever left Atticus alone in the bath, I'm positive that Piper would come in the sneak a drink (her full water bowl is always her last resort. No, I don't know why.)


Best Christmas Lights Ever.

(click to enlarge)

The man who did this writes:

“Good news is that I truly out did myself this year with my Christmas decorations. The bad news is that I had to take him down after two days. I had more people come screaming up to my house than ever. Great stories. But two things made me take it down.

First, the cops advised me that it would cause traffic accidents as they almost wrecked when they drove by.

Second, a 55 year old lady grabbed the 75 pound ladder almost killed herself putting it against my house and didn’t realize that it was fake until she climbed to the top (she was not happy). By the way, she was one of the many people who attempted to do that.

My yard couldn’t take it either. I have more than a few tire tracks where people literally drove up my yard.”


Quality time with Photoshop

I recently found Photoshop Elements for an awesome deal (30$, sweet, right?) So somewhere between decorating for Christmas and trying to help Atticus get rid of a nasty cold, I've been playing around with it. Want to see what I've done?

I love the nearly blinding bright, contrasty colors!! Chris and Lorna, I hope you don't mind me posting this picture of your kids, but I love how bright Ian's jacket turned out.

I turned up the red a little too much in this. Atticus looks kind of like Rudolph.

Muted colors are nice too, sometimes :)


Mornings with Atticus

Mornings with Atticus are pretty great!

He always wakes up happy!

He loves to play with his toys after he wakes up, but his favorite thing to play with is whatever I'm using.

About mid-morning, he likes to just sit and quietly contemplate the pets...

... but Blake is just waiting for him to learn how to throw a ball.

This is one of the looks he gives me when it's nap time. "Are you going to put me to bed or not?"

For lunch, he will have the duck. With a side of milk.