Funniest Joke Ever.

You: "What is the meaning of this??"

Me: "Oh, it's a pronoun."




These are the words heard most often in our house tonight. Last week when we went floating down the Provo River, Trevor did so on his stomach, baring his back to the sun... without sunscreen.

You can guess at the consequences.

His gigantic sunburn is now peeling, and itching worse than it ever hurt. He finally just said "Can you PLEASE peel my back?" ... so we sat of the floor in the kitchen, and I groomed my husband like a gorilla looking for a friend.

It was intensely gross, and it's a good thing we've been married for two years, because I'm not sure I could have done that after just one year.

Yes! You read right! Trevor and I will be celebrating our 2nd anniversary this Monday, August 25th. Last year he bought me a house for our anniversary, so I don't know how he plans on topping that one.

Anyway, the point of all this is that... well, there really isn't one, except maybe that marriage is a little weird, and it's taken 2 years for me to figure that out.


We went to UTAH!

Yup. Trevor and I finally made it out of Rexburg TOGETHER. More often than not, we end having to take these short trips without each other, so it was really nice to finally go together!

The weekend was GREAT! And, as always, I brought my camera, but failed to ever take it out of my bag. We spent Thursday night and Friday morning with Monica and Austin and Marshall (aka Mr. Wiggles, as Trevor has renamed him. I'm sure he'll love that one when he's 18 years old). Marshall really is a doll, and he loves his Uncle Trevor! He's so strong too, he can practically roll himself over.

We got to spend the rest of Friday with Kim. We went floating down the Provo river, just like last year! And just like last year, I came home bruised from a sneak attack rock hidden in the middle of the river. Really. The bruise is huge, but it was totally worth it. Then Kim and I had a mostly failed shopping trip, although I did find a cute brown scarf. And THEN all three of us rejoined to go see Emily in Campus Plaza! It was a blast to get to see her apartment and talk with her. We haven't seen her in ages!

The end cap to our night was going to the dollar theater to see Iron Man. Let me just say: FANTASTIC. They left it wide open for a sequel, which could be magnificent if they could pull it off as well as they did the first.

Alright, it's time for this travelog to come to an end. I hope everyone is doing well!


What to doooo?

Well, it's official. Chris and Lorna and the kids are in Utah, and Trevor's gone until Saturday evening. What will I DOOOOOOO with my life?

Who wants to come to Idaho and play with me and Blake and Piper? Any takers? We have two couches and two love seats in our living room right now. We could build an awesome fort! Anybody?


Camping at Cave Falls!!

So we finally got to scratch the camping itch this weekend... literally. We were covered in mosquitos for most of the trip. We went to Cave Falls in Wyoming, about an hour and a half away from here. It was BEAUTIFUL!! If it weren't for the mosquitos, it really would be the perfect camping spot. The site layout is great, it's right next to a river, and there are brand new bathrooms! They don't even smell! And of course, not far from the campsite are the actual Cave Falls themselves. Gorgeous! Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

There was an incident... involving Trevor's glasses... and the river. Suffice it to say that somewhere out there, a fish has much better vision than Trevor now. This is the last picture we have of them.

We took Blake. His favorite part was swimming around in the river, biting at the waves. It wasn't as cold as I expected, I even waded around a little bit. Blake also lost a treasured possession to the river: his tennis ball. It wasn't that much of a loss though, as anyone who knows him will testify. He'll play catch with pretty much anything, anytime.

Generic camping pictures... the bottom one is Trevor cooking breakfast and just being generally awesome, and the top one is me trying to stay warm by the campfire.

Us by the falls. They weren't very tall, but they were long!!

One of the coolest parts of the trip (for me anyway)was the baby birds. Yes! There was a nest right on the wall of the clean bathroom nearest to us, with some freshly hatched chicks. I thought they were cute, even in their wrinkly, naked state, but Trevor thought their eyes were too weird looking to be cute. I believe the words he used were "They look like aliens!" Or something along those lines.

So I think we'll probably go back, but we'll go back armed with gigantic amounts of mosquito repellent, including those huge candles. Anybody want to come?