Friends, Food, Fireworks and... Sweaters.

We had a GREAT Independence Day! It was everything you would expect from a Rexburg 4th of July celebration. We went to the parade in the morning with all the kids, but we didn't get any pictures. Eliza slept through the last half hour, but they all enjoyed it!

Then we came home and cooled off, because it was a HOT day. Atticus has must have been listening to me talk about the new Harry Potter movie, because he decided to live in the cupboard under the microwave (since we don't have stairs).

Peter and Leigh-Ann came over in the evening to play with us! We love them. They are both fantastic and hilarious. And they both support soda.

In addition to the fireworks, we had a great lighting show out in the northeast. I couldn't get any pictures of the lightning, but the clouds were pretty beautiful too.

Our neighbors across the street had a little fire, and I had found a box of colorful flames earlier that week during packing. So Leigh-Ann and I took them over and tossed them in and watched them with their family.


Unfortunately, most of my pictures look like this.

After a dinner of burgers, but before the fireworks, we had some patriotic treats! Leigh-Ann baked this beautiful (And delicious!) cake.

I made an attempt at candy bars, and even though they don't look pretty, they sure tasted great!

That's nougat with hazelnuts covering a cookie layer, all covered in chocolate. Yum. I used the recipe here, even if they don't look anything alike.

Finally, I knitted another sweater. It's for the girls, but sized for a 2 year old, but whatever. They're not shrinking. I'm particularly proud because I did a lot of alterations on the pattern, and it still turned out cute! I love the squirrels!