The Mega Christmas Post

Heeeeeeeeey. It's still January. That means I'm not too late to blog about Christmas, right? I guess I am pushing it though. So I'll just blob it all into one great big post. That's how the professional bloggers do it, right? Wait until the last minute and then just slap a bunch of pictures up?

Sometime before or after Christmas we went for a little walk with my folks and the kids.

Jane and Daddy. She wanted to by carried pretty much the whole way.

But Lizzie walked with Grandma for the whole half mile loop!

We went to Johnson's tree farm to cut down the tree.

After we got out tree we got to go on a real, honest sleigh ride with jingle bells and everything. It was amazing! That's Shayna and Cheryl up front with the driver, they are our favorite baby watchers.

Atticus writing his letter to Santa

This white cardboard castle was one of the kids favorite gifts. They piled all the spare pillows and crayons in there and pretty happily destroyed it for two weeks.

Jane hanging out in her new kingdom

The traditional Butchart Christmas Morning Picture on the Stairs.

Sweet Lizzie girl

Atticus with his 6th garbage truck.

Jane in the pink, Lizzie in the red.

Mom on Christmas morning with her new mittens.

Lizzie looking like she wants to shank me at Gigi and Grumpy's Christmas sing along. I'm not sure why, everyone had a great time there. I love that skirt. I saw one like it on Pinterest and I had to make a copycat.

I also have to throw a picture of this sheep up. I made a few of the Christmas gifts this year, and this sheep was, hands down, my favorite.

LOOK AT THAT TAIL. It's a normal stuffed toy that Velcros on to a platform to become a pull toy.