Trevor is gone on a business trip so I have time to show you all what we've been up to! What you see above is a GIANT STUFFED TIGER that our neighbor gave to us. Atticus loves it. He'll tip it over on himself and yell "Heeeelp! Mommy! Heeeeelp!"

We took the kids out for ice cream for the first time since we left Idaho. Baskin Robbins will never be anywhere as good as G's Dairy that we left in Rexburg, but the kids enjoyed it. 

 On Memorial Day weekend we wanted to roast hot dogs, but we couldn't find our fire pit. So, I replicated something I saw on Pinterest with terra cotta pots, foil and charcoal. It worked pretty well!

 The twins enjoyed some watermelon too :)

 Nana and Pa went on a trip to visit all the grandbabies and came back with some young angora rabbits. They are SO FLUFFY. 

 Nana said she can try to breed the 2 tawny rabbits this fall so we can have one. I love them so much!
 Ooooooooh so poofy.
 Atticus loves to pretend to be like Daddy. He put the ear covers and gloves on by himself. He's even more cute than the angora rabbits. 

 The kids like to go for a walk and look at the horses in the community ranch.

It's finally starting to get warm enough to play in the water!

There is a story that goes with this. The kids got this in the cart, on the checkout belt and into the bag without me noticing. I had to check the reciept because I thought for sure they had just swiped it as we were walking out... but nope. I paid 5.67 for these couture half zebra half leopard false nails. Besides the obvious question of just how awesome a mom am I, this raises the question of what do I do with them now? I think maybe the twins will get their nails did.