We went to the zoo, and D Ann brought her camera, so I have pictures for a blog post! And maybe someday, I'll get my camera fixed and I'll start blogging again regularly! Maybe! 

Jane was super excited just to be inside the gates at the zoo. She was also pretty psyched about the sunglasses. 

One of the big deals about this zoo are the two aquariums. This is one of the weirder looking fish we saw. It was pretty big too, about the size of Jane. 

Our lovely assistant Aurora and some jellyfish. We didn't get a picture of them, but right next to this were some jellyfish that look kind of like venus fly traps. We also didn't get any pictures of the GIANT SHARK TANK. Lizzie was terrified of the sharks, so we didn't stay long. But the tank was GIANT and SO WERE THE SHARKS, and more importantly, SO WERE THE SHARKS TEETH. 

This was after Lizzie got over her shark/general fish trauma. 

Octopus! It was actually moving across the tank while we were there, but it was too dark to get video. Usually they're just hanging out in the corner, you know? 

At the Discovery Center, where Atticus refused to touch anything, and I wanted to touch everything. 

Jane and Atticus in the mouth of the shark. 

There was also a 5 week old tiger cub, who was ADORABLE. She also kept trying to eat the zookeepers toes, so he kept flicking her nose. She's being hand raised by the zoo, because her mother lost interest in her. I asked if there was a reason, and I guess when a mother tiger only gives birth to a singleton rather than twins, the one just doesn't keep her attention. 

So sweet! 

She had amazingly blue eyes! 

Then we walked by some gibbons, a crested porcupine, a camel, and a candy stand. Can you guess which one held the most attention? 


There were no manatees at the zoo, but I'm just going to leave this here anyway.  

My second favorite mammals: sea otters!! They're so great. They hold hands when they sleep, stack cups, and are generally adorable. 

The otter bum you see in the above picture was this one who was flipping over and over and over in the water the whole time we were there. I remember doing that in the pool when I was a kid. Maybe that's why I like sea otters so much. 

The polar bears were pretty involved in eating their peanut butter. 

A mangy looking reindeer. The kids really liked this, though, because Santa. 

Man, her mother ought to be ashamed. Who lets their kid run around looking like that? 

Atticus climbing the spider web in the kids play area. 

Our last stop was the carousel. 

That's my daughter. I think I remember David smiling like this when we were kids. 

These two were thrilled with the whole thing. 

Jane like going around and around, but she opposed going up and down. It wasn't until Trevor found a stationary tiger and got on with her that she finally got into it. 

And that's the story of our day at the zoo. Totally worth it, the kids did great. The worst parts were when Liz fell down the steps at the sea otter exhibit (she was fine), and our stop at the anoa enclosure. I'm not going to go into it unless you ask, but believe me, it was gross. Hooray for Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium!