I think I win the Good Housekeeping seal for this one

Look at what I made!


It's a throw pillow on our couch in our living room. I actually made this a couple of months ago, but I haven't posted it because the craftsmanship is so shoddy. However, last night I was laying on it and I was again overcome with giggles over how funny it is, so I thought I would share it.


LED Sheep.

What else are you going to do with your time as a sheep herder, I guess?


Wave O' Grandparents pt. 5

Okay, here is my favorite part of Atticus's party: The epic battle of Atticus vs. The Cake

He could have taken on the whole thing by himself.

At first he was more interested in the texture of the frosting...

... but the he realized that his fingers were delicious...

...so he went back for more.

Atticus was declared the victor.

Finger lickin' good!

Once we got him cleaned up (no small feat), he got to open his gifts! Everyone was so generous! Unfortunately we could only fit a couple of things in our suitcase, and D.Ann is bringing down the rest when she comes in two weeks. We can't wait!

One of my favorite gifts that he got is that adorable sun hat! Thank you Monica! If you guys like it as much as I do, you can see some more of her hats here
It's some cute stuff!

And lastly, a minute of Atticus eating cake. I could watch him eat all day (some days it seems like I do), and I think it's the cutest thing in the world.

Wave O' Grandparents pt. 4

Okay, I lied. There's going to be one more post after this, because I just couldn't fit it all in. So here I present to you: The day of Atticus's birthday party! Of course his actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, the 15th. We wanted the chance to celebrate it with everyone in Washington. So here are pictures of everything but the cake and presents!

Daddy and a big red ball. Could a little boy ask for anything more?

Oh yeah, a WAGON RIDE!

Atticus in 26 years.

While it's true that Atticus is like Trevor is nearly every single way, there is one difference: Atticus can handle a ride in the swing without puking.

Grandpa and the lawnmower!

Atticus and G.G.

Atticus and Grumpy

Okay, this one and the last picture were actually taken the day before his party, but I wanted to put them up anyway.

During his party he repeatedly tried to throw himself into the ivy, but it was too thick. He just bounced off of it like it was a mattress.

Going for another ride with Grandpa!

Uncle Larry playing with a box of sand while Aunt Janet wonders how old he really is.

During the whole party, he chased after the dog, and then flung himself forward to bury his face in her fur whenever she sat.

The Grillmaster! Those were some good burgers!

Picture of my little boy bathing himself in cake to come next!


Wave O' Grandparents pt. 3

On Thursday in Washington we went for a little hike to see a waterfall! I can't remember the name, but it was a nice easy walk for a pregnant lady followed by some stairs.

Cool tree.

This wasn't even the biggest tree we saw.

Cute boy!

Atticus really liked to feel the moss on the trees and then compare it to the bark.

The beautiful D.Ann and handsome Rick!

All 5 of us.

I sure like this kid :)

I think I have just one more vacation post!


Baby Girlies!

Hey guys! Ready to look at a mess of limbs that really looks like TV fuzz? Well, here you go! We had a great ultrasound yesterday, and found out that we are getting two GIRLS! I've tried to label these as well as I can, but you will be able to see everything better if you click on the pictures to enlarge them.

By the way, remember all those beautiful dreams of 4 week appointments instead of 2 week appointments? Those dreams are 6 feet under. The other woman at my practice who is pregnant with monochorionic twins went 4 weeks between appointments and came back with a 15% growth discordance (the beginnings of TTTS). So we'll keep watching it as closely as we have been, so that I can get to a maternal-fetal specialist ASAP if the need arises. And in case you're wondering, our babies are 4% apart, so we're still looking pretty good!


Wave O' Grandparents pt. 2

After spending a few days with Grandma and Grandpa Hall, we headed up to Washington to see Grandma and Grandpa Butchart! Luckily, by this time Trevor was feeling better, so he was able to start enjoying the vacation and his home state.

Our first day there, we went for a walk on the beach at Fort Worden!

Atticus's pants never stay buttoned.

We stopped to play with some rocks and a crab shell.

We also found a jellyfish! Atticus touched it so gently until...

*squish* He poked a hole in it. This is even a picture of the act of the murder. Sorry, jellyfish.

Here is a video of Atticus banging some rocks on driftwood, and of us talking about roly-poly bugs. It's probably pretty boring to anyone who's not family.

After we were done walking on the beach, we went over to bunkers. Atticus LOVED crawling on the big open space, and was quite upset with me when I wouldn't let him crawl off the edge.

Most of the bunkers were built for WWII to protect the Sound from possible invasion.

We tried to get him to sit here for a cute picture...

... but he wasn't having it.

And that's what we did our first day in Washington. More posts to come!

Wave O' Grandparents

We just got back from an EPIC trip to see both California family and Washington family, so I'm planning on doing blog post installments here and there until I've posted all of the pictures that I stole from other people's cameras (I forgot mine).

First we drove to Boise and stayed the night and Uncle Ed and Aunt Ellen's. It was so good to be able to talk to them and to show off Atticus :) They were incredibly gracious, and made us the most delicious cranberry muffins in the morning before they drove us to the airport. You can't beat that!

Unfortunately, Atticus is a generous soul, and shared a cold with Trevor when we got to Yuba City. Trevor was down for the count pretty much the whole time we were there. But Atticus and I spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa and Great Grandma!

The kid and Grandma

Red faced boy and his sweaty Grandpa

A sweet boy with his sweet Great Grandma

We really didn't do much to blog about, but it was a great trip. Mom and I went to Jo-Ann's where I found some black Aida cloth (impossible to find in Rexburg), we ate California Yogurt and brought some home for the sickly, we played in the backyard a whole bunch, and we got to eat Sunday dinner with Grandma. It was all very relaxed, and we got to spend a lot of time catching up!