Andon is here!

I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! to Charlotte who had Andon Barnette just over two weeks ago! He's a beautiful baby with a beautiful mother. Charlotte is going to be an excellent mother, and I'm super excited to see both of you next weekend! By the way, isn't that a cute little frog outfit?


Okay, I know this is weird..

I just can't get this dream out of my head. I think Obama keeps cropping up in my dreams because of all the media coverage...

Anyway, I had a dream that I worked for the Associated Press, and I shared a desk with Barbara Walters. Barack Obama walked in and sat down next to us, and I remembered that I was supposed to do an interview with him. So I turned on my recorder and started asking questions, and then my mom walked in with a HUGE pan of brownies. I said "Oh Good! Senator Obama, would you like some brownies?" Of course, the polite gentleman that he is (see previous post about an Obama dream), he accepted my offer. Then I remembered that I needed to find some non-religious plates to serve the brownies on, because the only ones I had were Hanukkah plates, and I thought they might offened him. The whole time my mom was standing right there holding the pan of brownies that was almost twice as big as her while chatting with Barbara Walters and Barack Obama. I woke up feeling really stressed out about the plates.

I know this sounds like something I could have just made up, but I swear, it was one of the most vivid dreams I've had in a long time.



I'll soon be there with snow, I'll wash my hair with snow..

It's true. It snowed this morning at about 10:00. We have not had a snow-less month since last August when we moved in... and we weren't even here for that whole month. I haven't been able to talk to him yet, but Trevor's probably worried about his garden. Every day he goes outside to see if things have started to poke up out of the ground :)

It's supposed to be cold and nasty for the next couple days, and then warm up over the weekend... and then get cold and rainy again just in time for my mom to come visit us. Hi Mom! Bring a parka!

Wow, I just wrote a whole post on the weather in Rexburg, Idaho... I guess this tells you something about the interest level of our lives.

EDIT: Re-reading this, I realize I might need to clarify the title of this post. It's from the movie "White Christmas" when they're singing about the snow in Vermont. I love you Bing Crosby! You are magnificent!


Going Private

Due to some strangers who think it's fun to comment on random people's blogs, we're taking this baby private. I haven't been able to get ahold of everyone's e-mail addresses, so if you know of someone who would like to read our blog but hasn't been invited, send me their e-mail address to butchart.michelle@gmail.com

Thanks guys!

For my Father

After being all angry about the beer commercial for a while, Trevor got me to laugh with this youtube video.

I'm posting this especially for my Dad, in an attempt to get him to smile about cats. Love you Dad!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that Trevor and I are the only people who think this is really funny. It has also come to my attention that Trevor and I being in our own world is pretty normal. Maybe it's just a cat owner thing.


Kirby Heyborne + Miller Lite= BFF

Alright. Here it comes. I'm using the internet to blog about something I'm mad about.

Kirby Heyborne did a beer commercial. For those of you who don't know who he is, don't worry, I didn't really know until last semester when he came to do a comedy show in Rexburg. Some of my classmates were geeking out over it, so I got to hear about him quite a bit. Kirby Heyborne is an LDS actor who has done movies such as The Singles Ward, The 2nd Singles Ward, The Book of Mormon Movie, The R.M., The Best Two Years, and Sons of Provo. His Wikipedia Entry says he served a mission in the Dominican Republic.

Last night Trevor and I were watching TV and a Miller beer commercial comes on... and there's Kirby Heyborne, Mormon Actor for the masses, standing behind his friend and grabbing a Miller.

Come on! What did he say when he showed up to film this? "Oh hey guys... just so you know... um... I can't actually drink any of the beer. Yeah..."

It really gets to me when people in public positions don't take their influence seriously.