You Now Want an Otter for a Pet.

"Disney options 'Running with an otter' in 3... 2... 1..."


Atticus Turned 2!

Atticus turned 2 last Sunday! We got to have Nana and Pa here with us, and we threw a s'mores party the day before! It was a pretty great week.

Before we could have the party, of course we had to bake the cupcakes. We did cupcakes baked into jars, which I'll probably post about later. Atticus really enjoyed the process.

Then we had the party! The s'more party is a great idea for anyone inviting a lot of age groups, assuming you have a gate for the fire, or something else like that. The kids who were Atticus's age really enjoyed burning marshmallows and letting them drop into the fire, and everyone else really enjoyed eating. Who doesn't?

Pa and his Ladies.

Atticus snagged a row of Peeps.

And then ate them. I should mention that before this, he has never eaten more than one peep at once, by his own choice.

The result of a 2 year old eating 4 peeps.

Then, despite beautiful sunny weather all morning long, and sunny weather that came back 20 minutes after everyone left, we had a huge dark thunderstorm roll over to us.

So we moved the party inside and opened presents!

And Atticus got to play with all his friends

And Auntie Mandy got cuddled by Eliza.

The next morning Atticus was detoxed enough to open his big present from Nana and Pa: a RED WAGON!! Woot! This is almost more of a present for me than Atticus, because now I can plop all three kids in it and take them for a walk.

Since Atticus's birthday was on Sunday, we all dressed up in our springtime finery and went to church.

Nana and Pa had to leave Monday morning, so Sunday night, Atticus said goodbye, and tried to trap Pa into staying forever. It almost worked.


There's too many kids in this tub!
There's too many elbows to scrub!
I just washed a behind that I'm sure wasn't mine
There's too many kids in this tub!

-Shel Silverstein


"If you give a man a cookie..."

"Here babe, I only want two of these Oreos, you have the other three."

"SIGH. If I eat 3 Oreos, I'll have to get a glass of milk. If I go get a glass of milk, I might as well get some more Oreos. Then when I'm dipping my cookies in milk, my fingers will get really cold. Then I'll have to go make a mug of hot chocolate to warm back up. And you know if I have hot chocolate then I HAVE to put a candy cane in it. SIGH."

So he took the Oreos.