So. I am officially in the 2nd trimester... and 'LO AND BEHOLD I STILL HAVE MORNING SICKNESS. And fatigue. But that's because I can't sleep on my stomach anymore (it feels like there's a big ole' grapefruit hiding in my abdomen). But come on! I was really hoping for that magical second trimester threshold: where all unpleasant symptoms stop, and pregnancy becomes wonderful! The second trimester, where pregnant ladies sit around with their hands on their tummies all day, contemplating the wondrous life within them, in soft focus. You know, like on book covers. Sigh. Oh well, I'm done complaining for now.
So! I'm 14 weeks pregnant, and in the 15th week of baby growing! Baby is the size of a large orange. That is pretty huge. Baby isn't really up to much this week, mostly kicking about (which I think I may or may not be feeling... I'll let you know when I'm sure). However, baby is sensitive to light! If I shined a flashlight straight at my belly, the baby would probably turn away. Unfortunately, I don't have a personal ultrasound machine at my house, so I can't test this out. Wouldn't that be awesome if I did have one of those, though? I would use that sucker all the time.


I'm coming to realize...

So... pregnancy lasts FOREVER, doesn't it?

I don't know if it's because a few of my friends just had their kids, or because we told everyone so early. Either way, every time I look at our baby countdown I just think "I wish pregnancy lasted 6 months. That would be much better. I would be halfway through!!"

Anyway, congratulations to Cristina, Ian & Atley; and congratulations to Amy, Jeff & Lucas! While you're enjoying your adorable babies, I'm going to work on my baby cooking skills. Maybe if I get really good at this, I can just get the baby to mature a month or two earlier.



It's been a while since I updated, so here's a little something about our BABY!

Baby is developing vocal chords, so that we will know when she is hungry, tired, poopy, or just wants to scream. Later on in life, baby will use his vocal chords to say embarrasing things like "Why is that lady so fat?" and to say adorable things like "I love you mommy!"
Baby is also getting fingerprints! Cute little baby fingerprints!

In other news, I'm still in Boise helping rehabilitate Holly with civilian life :) I'll have a fun post about that when I'm back home next week.