A Garden and A Boy

Atticus and the zucchini patch have both been growing at quite a pace...

... but unfortunately for the zucchini, it's time sacrifice for the family, and become bread and brownies. LOTS of bread and brownies.

I grew the one on the right, Trevor grew the one on the left. As I was carrying both of them back into the house, I thought "Huh, this must be what it's like to have twins."


Atticus Talks!

... or makes bird noises for 49 seconds.


Three Years!

Happy Third Anniversary Trevor!

Three reasons I love you:

You're the best father for our son

You're better than google at answering my questions

You listen to me

I can't wait to see you when you get home tonight! I love you!



I love it.

Something to brighten your Tuesday: a couple playing an impromptu concert at the Mayo clinic.


Atticus, the model

Last weekend we went to Washington for Larry (Trevor's uncle) and Janet's wedding. It was a fun and beautiful event, and I failed to take out my camera even once. But I can give you a written report that Janet was absolutely radiant, and she and Larry can tango with the best of them :)

While we were there, we also had a photo session with Brenda, owner of Picture This! photography and family friend of the Butcharts. Some of you may remember her as the cute blonde who organized Trevor and mine's Washington reception. Anyway, we got some fabulous pictures, and I wanted to show you some of them.

Courtesy of Brenda and Picture This! photography

There are a few more I want to show you, but the piggy is yelling for the trough :) Til next time!