The Happiest Cookies Ever

The Happiest Dough Ever.

The Happiest Cookies Ever.

The Happiest Boy Ever.

The Happiest Twins Ever.
(who unfortunately can't eat the Happiest Cookies Ever quite yet)

The Happiest Lizzie Ever.

The Happiest Jane Ever.
(even if she wouldn't show it to the camera)


Knitting: It's Pretty Awesome.

So I've been teaching myself how to knit lately. I just finished my third project, a lacey type scarf.

Unwashed hair, Trevor's shirt, and baby food on my jeans. Take me home to mom, 'cause I'm all lady.

See how long it is? This scarf is knitted lengthwise, not by width like most scarves. I had about 4 feet worth of stitches scrunched onto 12 inch needles. I just want you appreciate how hard this was before you take a close up look at my work.

Okay, so it's not perfect, but it's only the third thing I've ever knitted.

And no, I also didn't make those flowers. I'm terrible at crocheting. Really terrible. If you have endless amounts of patience and feel like teaching me how to crochet fancy little flowers let me know!

Anyway, knitting is pretty awesome. If you knit and want to share patterns with me I would love that! Or if you live close to me and want to learn how to knit, I would love to teach you, because it's fun!


Atticus to English Translation

Since Atticus likes to call everyone on my phone, often without my knowledge, I thought I should post a translation guide to a few of the words he says.


Different Cultures

This is a commercial that has been running in Japan to help kids understand the nuclear crisis that is happening. There are a lot of poop jokes involved.


Hey Guys.

So.... Atticus has quite the imagination. Of what, we don't know. Here is an example:

No, I don't know what he's pretending, or if he's pretending at all. Maybe he really does think you can drink from a block put to a horses tail.

These next videos are just of the girls eating, and their first experiences with pineapple. These are for you, grandparents!

Hey Dad! Remember when we were on the phone, and I said Atticus was making a video of his nose, and that I would send it to you? Well, I'm posting it on the blog instead. Here you go!


Happy 28th Birthday Trevor!

March 1st was Trevor's 28th birthday! Isn't he handsome for such an old geezer ;)

Unfortunately everyone was sick on his birthday, but we did get to eat chocolate cake AND chocolate baklava AND wear a fancy party hat.


Funny Story of the Day

So about 3 months ago I was calling in a perscription refill, and I grabbed the wrong bottle. I accidentally called in my old Zofran script from my pregnancy with the twins. I have (multiple times) told the Wal-Mart pharmacy that I don't need it, but for some reason they can't seem to get rid of the request. Every month since then, a different nurse from my OB has called me to see if I really need it. The conversation always goes similar to this:


"Hi Michelle, this is (insert name of nurse I know pretty well here) from Seasons Women's center."

Then they start using a soft, sympathetic voice. Almost the tone you would use if you found out someone's spouse had cancer.

"I have a request here for you to get a refill of Zofran?"

"No, no, that was a mistake. I've tried to get the pharmacy to delete that request a few times, but I guess they haven't done it yet."

-insert HUGE sigh of relief from nurse-

"Oh! Well, I am so relieved for you! I thought that was pretty brave (she means insane) of you to be pregnant so soon again after twins!"

Haha, I guess when you have 3 babies in a year, and they all go into the NICU, your nurses really feel for you :)