Blessing Weekend Pictures

Leaves are not as tasty as previously thought.

The cousins had a pretty good time together!

We tried to get some pictures of all the kids together, and we shamelessly bribed Atticus with sour apple rings.

Yes, we still had our tub in our front yard. We're classy.

This is Malcom, Marshall's brother. He is one of the 3 cutest ginger kids I know.

Coming in the future: Close ups of the girls in their blessing dresses, since we forgot to take them on their blessing day.


Shaun the Sheep

In case you haven't heard of Shaun the Sheep, I present this video for your viewing pleasure! It's worth a watch if you have the time. My favorite part is at the end.


Videos GALORE.

I broke down and uploaded a bunch of videos on Youtube. I'll continue to post some here, but you can go over there for a complete library of chubby Butchart babies.

Linky Linky


And Elizabeth: