Easter with Gama and Pa

Last weekend we took a trip to Yuba City to see my parents. The 30 hour round trip was made worth it by my magnificent parents and the BEAUTIFUL 70 degree weather.

Atticus does the one armed prayer pretty well. He likes to leave the other arm free to snag food.

He loves his Pa!

We took a trip to Fairytale Town! He loved this tractor, but so did the little boy standing behind him. Atticus is still learning what the word "sharing" means, so we had to forcibly remove him.

Robin Hood and Little John

After a while he found a train and it was all uphill from there. The only thing that might have made him more excited would be if there had been a giant WALL-E.

I tried to upload some videos, but no luck tonight. I'll try to post them another time, there's an especially good one of the LONGEST Easter Egg Hunt of all time. Instead I'll leave you with a great little story:

Lunchtime was a little crazy today. The girls suddenly decided that they were starving to death, and thus began screaming for their bottles while I was finishing up some macaroni and cheese for Atticus. I dumped it on his high chair tray and then ran to the sink to start making the bottles. Before I turned on the water I heard Atticus saying something, so I looked over to see him with folded arms saying something along the lines of "Deaw Hewy Fawe, blah abo pop tooth youb sa MEN. Yay!!" (Atticus always celebrates the end of prayers)

Atticus is so great at reminding me of those primary lessons. Even when I am in a hurry, there is always time to pray.


I Love This Movie

"...otherwise there is World War 3, and everybody is blaming YOU."


Some Stuff and Pictures

Jane and Elizabeth are getting so big! They're getting much better at standing on their own, and they're scooting backwards with reckless abandon.

He looks a little like he's saying "HEE-HAW!!"

Atticus and Jane are ready to go dirt biking. But they have to wait another 19 and 20 years respectively.