Question: What is Awesome?

Answer: This tee-pee. This tee-pee is awesome.


Ice is back with a brand new invention

Saw this and had to share it with my family.


The Luck O' the Irish!

We had a pretty fun St. Paddy's Day this year!

We started off the day with green cinnamon rolls

And rainbow cookies were a must. Someday I'm going to have to figure out how to make a pot o' gold cookie to match up with the rainbows.

Atticus trying on some Mr. Potato Head glasses.

It stopped raining just long enough to swing for a while.

This is our ruggedly handsome manly man putting on his best moves for the camera.

Earlier in the week the garbage truck came, and EVERYONE WAS EXCITED.

I don't even know when this picture of Jane was taken, I just found it on Nana's camera and I couldn't stop laughing!

Bubble Machine

We got a bubble machine. 5$ at Wal-Mart. Best purchase we've made this year.

Yes, Lizzie's sweater is way too big for her.

Lizzie mostly just stood in front of the bubbles with her eyes half closed.