The Mighty MAN.

Well... Trevor bought a gun. He's really wanted one for a while. Sigh.

Now, before I launch into what I think, let me provide Trevor with his opportunity to speak:

"It's a Savage model 110 chambered in a 30-o6. Don't listen to Michelle. Having a gun is safe."

Okay. There was no way I could justify withholding a gun from Trevor, since I know most of my concerns are unfounded (with proper safety techniques and such) and since we live Idaho. However... my two illogical sides are still duking it out over how I should feel about this (blame it on pregnancy hormones).

Part one of me says "NO GUNS WITH KIDS IN THE HOUSE." None. That same part of me really worries about Trevor killing Bambi's mother.

Part two of me says "But... what if we end up living in a post-apocalyptic world!! What if the government collapses and all grocery stores FAIL? Then Trevor could hunt a buffalo and feed us and our extended family for a year!"

So... Trevor got the gun. And I'm still worried about Bambi's mom. But... a buffalo probably really would feed our extended family for year.


First Doc visit + Baby Development

So today I had my first Doctor visit! One of many for the next 9 months. Everything went well, they gave me a bunch of cool free stuff and answered all of my questions.

I was also told all of the things that will kill my baby.

I know they have to do this to make sure that you're cautious, and so you don't do anything that will hurt baby. I really didn't even hear anything I didn't already know, I guess it was just hearing everything all at once that had me freaking out. But DANG! After hearing all of that in one sitting, I felt like most of the stuff in my home and EVERYTHING outside of my home was going to kill our baby!!

Anyway, today I am also officially 6 weeks pregnant, which means (according to What to Expect) that between now and next Wednesday is the 7th week of development. Here's what baby is doing:

At the end of this week, baby will be about 10, 000 times bigger than at conception! This is what I'm saying! I keep telling people our baby is HUGE and they look at me and say "quarter of an inch is huge?" Yes. Yes it is. Baby's brain is growing at a rate of 100 cells per minute, and baby's soon to be cute little face is getting more defined. Arm and leg paddles are getting bigger and getting ready to divide up into cute little fingers and toes!

And what is mommy doing this week? Dealing with morning sickness, tiredness, and a bladder the size of a grain of salt. On a happier note, we get to see Grandma and Grandpa Butchart, along with D. Ann, very soon! And then we get to go to Las Vegas! And THEN on the 15th of October, we get to meet our little one face to face :) We'll also know how many there are. I know there's been a lot of speculation as to how many buns I'm cooking, and even though I used to think there might be two, now I'm pretty sure there's just one. I've had morning sickness, but I don't think it's bad enough to be twins.


What Baby is doing this week

Hi guys! I decided that since I have some time on my hands, I'll post an update on how Baby Butchart is growing week by week. So even though we're halfway through it, here is what is happening during week 6 of baby growing:

6 Weeks Pregnant
6 Weeks Pregnant

(if you click that, it will take you to a cool site where you can see a 3-D rotation of our embryo)

The big developments this week are: Our baby has a beating heart! Okay, that was actually last week, but it's pretty exciting. Although I see conflicting information on this, our baby is a quarter of an inch long (about as big as a Tic Tac). Baby has cute little cheeks, jaws and a chin developing. Ear canals are also getting their start, along with baby's kidney, liver and lungs.


Excellent Parenting Advice

I stole these from Rachel (use-to-be Payne)'s blog, because I thought they were HILARIOUS.

Here is some excellent parenting advice that we will keep in mind after baby arrives:


Here it comes....

There's no doubt
And there's no maybe
Trevor & Michelle
Are having a baby!!

It's true!! We found out this week that we can expect at least one little baby Butchart this May! We are SO excited, after what a long journey we've had to get to this place! Thank you to everyone who has prayed and hoped and been there to support us!

So here are the FAQ's about Mommy and Baby:

"When did you find out you're pregnant?"

This question is more complicated than it seems. Last week on Thursday I took a cheap little internet pregnancy test that was "positive" (We later realized that it was a false positive). For the next 3 days we had a bunch of negative tests until Monday afternoon, when I used a First Response Early Result, and I got a faint, but DEFINITE positive! The next morning I went to the OB/GYN who took a test, and told me it was negative! I got all depressed and sad for a few hours before deciding that I was right and the professionals were wrong (I don't come to this conclusion often... I promise). I bought some digital tests on the way home and took one on Wednesday morning. And lo and behold, THIS IS WHAT I SAW:

I also took some of the other line-type pregnancy tests, and the line had darkened up nicely. So I went back to the OB/GYN on Friday, where they finally confirmed it.

"How are you feeling?"

I have to pee every 5 seconds, and I've been getting a little sick at night, but nothing terrible yet. I'm mostly just excited to be pregnant.

"When are you due?"

From what I've calculated, it's May 20-21, 2009.

"When is your first doctor's appointment?"

I have a prenatal consult on September 24th, they could possibly do my first Ultrasound then, or at 8-10 weeks (sometime in October).

"What do you think it is? How many do you think there are?"

Well, first I think it's a human baby, NOT a turtle (people who know Trevor will get this), and I think there may be one or two. Two is a very real possibility. I don't think there are 3, or 5 as has been suggested. If there are, in fact, 5 babies, we are getting our own show on TLC, and we will be contacting each of you for free nanny services.

Also, I have dropped all classes for this semester, which means I also had to quit my job. We've chosen to do this because it makes more sense financially (we'd like to have a little bit of a cushion) and because technically I'm not even on track this semester, AND because it's taken so long to get pregnant, we are being a little extra extra careful. This includes avoiding icy BYU-I sidewalks.

This brings me to my last FAQ: What are you going to do until the baby is born?

I am going to build a human. What are you going to do?

No, I'm going to work on the house (read: paint and maybe rip up some carpets), and I'll probably take it easy if/when morning sickness really hits.

We love you!


I'm a little late on this one...

Three weeks ago Trevor & I and his family all went to Utah to see baby Marshall be blessed! I know this one is a little late, but better late than never, right? Right....

On our way down to Utah we stopped in Chesterfield, Idaho (right next to Bancroft for you Halls, and it's even smaller than Bancroft if that means anything to you) because we have some Butchart side family history there. The whole town was very interesting, it seemed to me that the town was run kind of like a missionary project. Several older couples have donated 2 or 3 years to spend in Chesterfield, working on restoring the buildings, or showing strangers around the 3 or 4 houses and little general (tourist) store.

(This is the family in the yard in front of the old Chesterfield church... you just can't see the church)

After we finished in Chesterfield, we headed down to Utah to spend some time with the adorable baby Marshall, Monica & Austin. The blessing was great, and Marshall is adorable and wiggly as ever. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Marshall looks really concerned in this picture... kind of like "Grandma? Why would you put a bonnet on my head? Why??" (We love you D. Ann!)

Some of you may be thinking "Oh my! Is that black hair on Michelle's head?"

Yes, yes it is. But it's not supposed to be. I went to the beauty college to get my hair dyed back dark brown, and the stylist left the dye on a little too long... so for a while there my hair was the type of "dark brown" that my dad always tried to convince us his hair is. However, it's starting to fade to the color I want, so that's good!