A Turning Point

Today we went outside to play in the rain for a while. Because that's what you do in Northwest Washington.

The twins went over to the playhouse and wandered around for a bit. Then they started playing peek-a-boo with each other, which is really fun to watch. I watched and laughed and watched and then Liz smacked Jane in the face. Half of their playtimes end this way, with Liz smacking Jane in the face. The other half ends with Jane screaming and throwing herself down on her face and crying into the floor.

Anyway, THIS time, after Jane got her five finger face treatment, she gave Liz a look that said "Oh, so that's how it is, punk?" and walked away.

This is the first time I can remember them not initiating a slap party with each other.

I really really really hope this stays around for a while.



Jane picked out her own clothes last week.

Once more, for cuteness.