Maybe it's the newborn induced-lack of sleep, but this really makes me laugh.



Welcome Home!!

Atticus came home today!! We didn't get a good picture of the going home outfit, which is a real shame because it was pretty spectacular. There was an orange crab on it! He's doing well, and thank you everyone for all the congratulations and well wishes! We love you!


Atticus Trevor Butchart

May 15th, 2009 (5 days before his due date) at 12:13 p.m. Atticus Trevor Butchart was born! 7 lbs, 11 oz, 20 inches long with a little bit of brown hair. Here are a bunch of pictures and his birth story!

Right after I got my GLORIOUS epidural

Contractions started Thursday, but weren't that regular so I tried to sleep a little that night. I got in a couple hours before waking up at 2 and knowing that I wasn't going back to sleep for a while. I hung around the house until 3:30, when I woke up Trevor and we headed to the hospital at 4. I wasn't moving along that fast until 7, when my favorite anesthesiologist in the entire world hooked me up with an epidural. After that things moved pretty quickly and it took just a few hours to get from a 5 to a 10. His head was still pretty high, so they let me labor down for a little while before starting to push. For some weird reason, once his head got to zero station, I nearly stopped having contractions. Seriously. They just kind of went away for a while. Eventually they came back, and it just took a little pushing to get him out after that!!


Unfortunately, the birth was pretty hard on him. He inhaled some amniotic fluid and had low blood sugar, so right after he was born they took him to the special care nursery and put him on oxygen and an IV. As of right now, he's off the oxygen, but still on the IV for antibiotics (because of the amniotic fluid) and they just added a feeding tube since he's using all his energy to breathe. Hopefully he'll finish his antibiotics by Sunday and we can take him home with us instead of having to leave him here for a day.

Bubble head Oxygen

The first time I got to hold him after the birth

Daddy and his baby boy

His first sponge bath. He was pretty displeased with the procedure.

There he is! His face is still pretty squished, so other than having Trevor's chin, my fingers, and my dad's insanely long toes, we're not sure who he looks like. He's still pretty cute though :)