Aaaannd... there it is.

Those of you who have been asking for a belly pictures, this one's for you! I can't find the camera, so I took these with my phone.

I'm currently in the middle of my 25th week, and my uterus is supposed to be a little bigger than a basketball.
The baby is just over 1 and a half pounds, and has a total height/length of 13.5 inches. Hooray! Also, Trevor felt the baby kick from the outside for the first time this week! I've been feeling him from the outside for a couple weeks, but I swear, every time Trevor put his hand down, the kid would immediately move away. He doesn't like being poked by the heartbeat doppler either.


Opinions Needed!

I have been doing some research on various baby items, and since most of you who read this blog have kids, I am hoping for an opinion! If you can recommend any baby product, I would really appreciate it. I am specifically looking for opinions on:
  • types of bottles
  • babywearing slings/backpacks
  • pacifiers
  • diapers for newborns and infants
  • detergent for baby clothes
  • cheap motorized breast pumps
  • And anything else that you find important!

The only thing I've really started to form an opinon on are Dr. Browns Bottles. It sounds like they're a pain to clean, but really good at reducing gas and colic. If you have information that suggests otherwise, let me know!

Thanks guys!


Can't believe I forgot this.

I just remembered this morning that I never mentioned the gender of our baby on the blog, so I'd better do it now while our computer is having a moment of clarity.

We're having a...


We are pretty excited! We got some great little videos of the baby dancing around and kicking about. The ultrasound tech had a hard time getting him to reveal his gender, but after poking around and literally trying to shove him into view, she said that she was 99% sure that he's a boy. I'm still not sure I can see it, but my doctor said she's never been wrong, so we're going to go ahead with blue!



Our computer is sick. I think it might be battery cancer. Posting may be going into hibernation for a little bit while we get things worked out with our cute little laptop.

See you later!