Summer Adventures!

Fixed the Video!

We've had a lot going on these past few weeks, so I'm going to be brave and try to pull it all together in one blog post. Here we go!

First of all, we've really been enjoying the warm/hot weather, especially in the evenings! Atticus is usually awake from the time Trevor gets home at 5, until he goes to bed at 9. His favorite way to fill time after dinner is to go outside and sit like this while Mommy sings or talks. And yes, I do this in the front yard. The neighborhood kids probably think Trevor is my court appointed caretaker, not my husband.

We went up to Island Park last Saturday so Trevor could go fishing and I could walk on some trails, but the fish weren't biting and there was only one short trail. So we decided to see what Atticus thought of the cool lake water... you can't tell from the terrible angle of the picture, but he was less than thrilled. The scream he let out let everyone in the vicinity know it.

Some of Trevor's family came out for Many and KK's graduation (I'll get to that in a minute). We went out to eat empanadas and pizza, and Atticus got sleepy, and that's when I snapped this picture. Isn't it cute? Kinda like Atticus is hugging Trevor :)

We also recently had a bridal shower for Dana, Trevor's cousin who is getting married in a couple weeks. One of the games we played was the toilet paper wedding dress game... you know... when you get a roll of toilet paper and you have to make a wedding dress out of it? May the best one win? It was also played at my bridal shower?

No? You don't know the game? That's too bad...

BECAUSE ANNA AND I TOTALLY DOMINATED. Haha, it was a lot of fun, and Dana's really excited to get married.

Now to Mandy and KK's graduation. Congratulations graduates! Mandy even knew how many quarts are in a gallon on her graduation day! Trevor and I couldn't make it to the ceremony, so we don't have any pictures of them all gussied up in their caps and gowns, but I do have a picture of these awesome graduation cupcakes I made for them (A few of the tassles were casualties of the heat).

And now, finally, I have a cute baby video for you. It's one and a half minutes of Atticus being cute and giggling while either I or Auntie Mandy are playing with him. I understand if no one but me and the grandparents are interested in this. But look! My little baby!!


Atticus the Giant.

This Wednesday Atticus had his two month check up! He got some immunizations, which wasn't fun, but he also got weighed and measured! He's currently 11 pounds and 10 and a half ounces and 24 inches long. He's two whole feet tall! His weight is up to the 50th percentile for his age (up from 30% when he was born), but he's in the 86th percentile for his height. Hence, Atticus the giant.

Here are some pictures!

He loves to suck on his hands, and he's getting better at finding them! He gets so excited that I imagine it's like finding out that your knuckles are made of chocolate.

"What madness is this?"

"Oh, it's a zebra! With a rainbow mane and a bell inside, naturally."

"Well, now that's HILARIOUS!"

"I'm a model, if you know what I mean."


Looky what we have here...

Look at what I found!!

Okay, this isn't a particularly good picture, but it's from THE BEACH TRIP. The one where it poured rain, and Rob and Lorna got their first good look at our family's true colors... so I put it up for nostalgic value.

I think we look extra-alike in this picture.

I think Dave looks like a teletubbie here.

This was the day we dropped off Sister Hall at the MTC, and college student Michelle at BYU-I.


And THIS is my all-time favorite picture of mom and dad. All matchy-matchy and in love :)