A Bag of Body Parts

We were listening to the news and we heard "bag of body parts found near *garbled* Canal Bridge" and of course we assumed it was the Hood Canal Bridge, right where we live. So I googled it and found out the bag of body parts was actually found found near the Ship Canal Bridge, which is right in downtown Seattle, and I immediately felt better because that where you expect to find a bag of body parts, right? And then I thought, dude, I expect to find a bag of body parts?


Thanksgiving at First Beach

We spent Thanksgiving at First Beach in La Push with Nana, Pa, Gigi, Grumpy, Aunt Lorraine, Bob and Paul this year. It was pretty great!! The meal was great, and so was the beach!

We had good weather on Thursday and Friday, but the surf was ridiculous.

The tide was really far in, all the way up to the driftwood logs, and sometimes when the waves crashed you could feel it reverberating all along the logs. And the FOAM! I have never seen so much sea foam in my life. Or so much of any other foam for that matter.

(Foam. And this is the day after.)


We blew bubbles for a while, and they would stick to the sand until the girls popped them.

The kids were pretty good, despite not getting much sleep because everyone was in the same room. After the first night we decided to put the girls to bed at a normal time, but keep Atticus up so he could go to bed at the same time as us, thus minimizing disturbances. Turns out he gets funnier the later you keep him up. Saturday night he was running around Nana and Pa's hotel room talking about dragons, tigers, owls and chickens. He would run over and open the door and talk about whatever was going on out there, and then come back and tell us again. This video really doesn't do justice to the stories he was coming up with, but it's still pretty good.

And as a bonus, here are some videos of Atticus chasing chickens and of a bear smiling at the Wild Game Farm.



We were so busy trick or treating, playing with Gigi and Grumpy, and having a bath in the dark with glowsticks tonight that we forgot to take more than one picture, and it's a pretty poor one at that.

So how did we spend our Halloween? It's pretty much summed up in that opening line.
Gigi and Grumpy came and played with us and talked with us, and that is always fun! When Daddy came home we immediately went trick or treating. It was so fun to go out, although Atticus still says "Candy Treat!" rather than "Trick or Treat!" When we got home half an hour past bedtime we couldn't just let the fun stop, so we got out some glowsticks and filled up the bathtub. We turned out the light in the bathroom and let the kids have some fun. Now everyone is in bed, and I don't think I'll last much longer. In case you can't tell, we reused our costumes from last year: Atticus the Sea Otter, Eliza the Lobster, and Jane the Shark.

Happy Halloween!!



This year, my pumpkin was inspired by the work done by Peter O. Trevor's pumpkin was inspired by how hungry he was.

Happy Halloween! We'll post pictures of our sea creatures soon!


A Variation

A variation on The Happiest Cookies Ever : Candy Corn Cookies. I actually used a different recipe for this one, because it tastes better. It's here

Have I mentioned that I love food coloring? Because I really love food coloring.


Pumkin Farm

It's October. That means PUMPKIN FARM TIME.

Atticus started off the visit by getting out of the car, running to the first trash can he saw, and promptly getting stung by a wasp.

Luckily, an employee had some Benadryl spray for his cheek, and we were able to move on with the trip.

The Momma pig.

The sweet baby pigs. If I could get my hands on one of those teacup pigs that stay tiny forever, I would have it as a house pet.

There were also chickens, a rabbit and some guinea pigs, but no goats unfortunately.

There was an old wagon that Atticus LOVED. I'm pretty sure he was going to figure out how to drive it.

Jane giving us her best pumpkin grin!

We had a pumpkin race

And wheelbarrow rides

And some fun on the slide! This is where Atticus found out that rubber boots create traction on slides too.

It took a few minutes for him to work his way to the bottom, but he lifted up his feet the next time.

Eliza found a wagon that was closer to her size than the one Atticus was playing on.

But in the end she decided she's more of a horsey kind of babe!


Long Time No See

Hey guys! So it's been a while since I've put anything up here. That's because we pretty much haven't done anything. Our lives has been consumed by what we *think* is a dairy allergy in Jane and Elizabeth. While we try to figure that out without a Dr's help, because they can't fit us in until October 27th, we're up to our necks in diarrhea, diaper rash, and grumpy babies. But here are a few pictures and videos that we've snagged in between grumpies.

Jane is starting to use quite a few words! YEAH!

Okay, quick quiz: Who does this picture of Jane

And this picture of Liz remind you of?

Any guesses?

Pumpkin head #1, circa November 09

Jane getting her V8 juice.

Doe eyed Lizzie

And lastly, this short video offers a pretty good show of what our life is like these days.

I also added a few more videos to our youtube channel, Grandma and Grandpa. Here's the link



Every episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? online for free.

Sorry I just ruined all your plans for the rest of the day.


Jane and Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Party

e had Jane and Elizabeth's 1st birthday party yesterday! It was a candy shop theme, kind of. Well, as much theme as we could muster, anyway.

Dessert table.

This was my favorite: lollipop sugar cookies!

Chocolate covered marshmallows

We had Great Aunt Lorraine and Gigi there...

And Aunt Linda, Gigi again, and Great Aunt Lorraine again.

Grumpy, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma were there too!

Monica and Malcom

Jane and Elizabeth opened presents! Thank you everyone!

The birthday girls love this table. By the way, aren't they adorable in their little birthday dresses?

The... birthday. Cake. The outside didn't turn out how I imagined. Not even a little bit.

But the inside was still pretty!



Jane & Lizzie (she thought the cake was a pillow)

Jane and Lizzie