Jane and Liz turn 3!

The twins had a birthday! We had a party! It even had all the ingredients: friends, presents and cake. 

Olive came first to help Liz take a ride on the baby roller coaster

Jane was a generally cute exhibitionist. 

The party was Circus themed, so we had cotton candy. Unfortunately, Port Angeles is not great for cotton candy, because after about 20 minutes, it had turned into something more like chewing gum. 

Liz showing off her Totoro temporary tattoo that she peeled off 2 minutes later. 

First Jane showed Pa the airplane...

... and then Pa showed Jane that she already was an airplane. 

Feeding Pa cotton candy. 

"Touch this and I'll shank you."

Atticus got a "big brother" present that occupied him for the rest of the day. Legos AND garbage trucks, together? His little life is complete. 

One of their favorite presents was this Melissa & Doug baking set. They've been serving everyone cookies and slices of cake for days, now. 

Jane's face perfectly describes how I feel about that tiny oven mitt too. SO ADORABLE. 

They definitely love all of their presents and have been playing with all of them, but these kittens have barely been put down since Saturday. The twins are speaking in meows, putting the "baby kitties" to bed, and also making them fight to the death. Not joking. 

When it came time to sing "Happy Birthday, Lizzie conducted the song. You know, like a professional. 

"Seriously? Seriously, mom."

Our beautiful friends! 

I love Lizzie's smiles.