The Halloweenies!!!

We grew pumpkins in our garden this year, and probably could have started a neighborhood pumpkin patch. Here is our front doorstep:

You might not be able to see, but we had a total of 15. Those skulls light up, by the way :) AWESOME.

So! I am 10 weeks pregnant, and in the 11th week of baby development. I still haven't gotten to a scanner with the ultrasound... Sorry! I will soon! Besides, if you can picture a little white kidney bean floating around in a sea of TV fuzz, you pretty much have it.

This is baby this week! I switched up the picture, because I decided the other one was boring, and baby is starting to look much cuter :) What is baby up to this week? Baby is growing to an inch and a half (pretty huge if you ask me), and is supposedly kicking up a storm. Baby could also be getting the hiccups, since her diaphragm is forming. Pretty cool huh?

Also, I have a question for anyone who knows: You can carve a green pumpkin the same as an orange pumpkin, right?

And one more thing. I added a Twitter to my side bar. It's basically a random update of things I'm doing or what I'm thinking about. Kind of like a tiny pointless blog within a blog. Hooray!


Ultrasound Day!!

You know that song from Sesame Street?

"One two three fooouuur five, six seven eight niiiiiiiine ten, ELEVEN TWELVE."

Well, you can stop at one.

Trevor and I will be having ONE beautiful wiggly little baby! Everything looked great! The baby looked like a kidney bean with tiny arms and legs that were wiggling around. It was honestly probably the coolest experience I've ever had.

The baby was just under an inch, measuring 8 weeks 5 days, so my due date is still May 20th!

I'll post pictures as soon as I get myself to a scanner!


Vegas, baby!

So Premier sent Trevor to Las Vegas for a Welding convention, and I got to tag along. Here are some pictures!

This is us at the M&M store. It was pretty cool, they had all kinds of chocolatey memorabilia. Kindly ignore my ginormous arm. All I can say in regards to that, is that I couldn't get my wedding ring off at the end of the last day because I was all swelled up from walking around. Pregnancy is great.

Here we are sitting next to the aquarium in the Forum Shops (which, by the way, doesn't have a single piece of maternity clothing in 150 stores. I don't need them yet, but I thought I would find SOMEthing cute). We went there for dinner one night, and sat to watch the sting rays' for a while.

One of the days while Trevor was at the convention I walked around the Bellagio Conservatory. It was beautiful! I especially liked the big white pumpkin, it made me think of Cinderella. Our trip was fun, but I was sick often, and I don't think I ever stayed up past 10:30, I was so tired. I got to spend the day with Lorna and her kids on Tuesday, and that was great! I always miss them when they're not around. Unfortunately, none of my pictures of her adorable kids turned out... the flash on my camera is a thorn in my side.

So, we had a great time in warm Las Vegas... only to return to THIS:

It was 25 degrees this morning when I woke up. No doubt snow will be coming soon... So if you see a pregnant lady with dark hair and a puke bag hitchhiking to California, pull over and give me a ride.

9th week

So, here we are, in the 9th week of pregnancy! The best thing about this week is that at the end of it, we get our first ultrasound!! It's also more exciting to know that with every week, I get closer to the end of the first trimester, and hopefully, the end of morning sickness. Morning sickness sucks.

So what is baby doing this week? Well, first off, baby is actually starting to look like a baby, not a dinosaur! AWESOME! Baby is also starting to move, which I'm really looking forward to feeling in a while :) And last of all, baby will be an inch long at the end of this week! A whole inch! Baby has also gone from being an embryo to being a full-on fetus, the last stage before being an infant in mommy's arms.


Tag, you're it!

My cousin Becca had this on her blog and it looked fun. The basics (as you can see above) are to write 7 random facts about myself, and then tag 7 random people to do this.

1. Purple is almost my favorite color. Most people know that I love the color red, but deep, dark shades of purple are a close, close second runner.

2. Becca, when Trevor and I were dating, I said I love you first too! He totally tricked me into it though. I'm not REALLY that brave.

3. My friend Cristina once told me that she really wanted some Sham-WOW's, and I may or may not have laughed at her. But now, I think I want some too!! I also think I want the pancake puff maker.

4. I kind of like it when my cat licks me. Gross, I know, but her tongue feels really cool.

5. Sometimes, when I'm down with morning sickness (like every day), I like to read webcomics

6. When I want my pets to come to me, I make a clicking noise with my tongue. Apparently I spend too much time with them, because I've almost (or actually) made this noise to call out to people, too.

7. I went through a period right after I got married where I loved corn. I never really liked it before then, and I don't like it now. I'm not sure where it came from, but I really loved corn for a while.

So I'm supposed to tag 7 people to do this, eh? I'll pick... Lorna, Pam, David, Dad, Jeff&Amy, Camille&Daniel, and Cristina&Ian.



7 weeks pregnant, 8th week of development

BABY IS GETTING FINGERS! This is big news! Baby Butchart is also half an inch long, about the size of a raspberry. Baby's eyelids, ears, upper lip and the tip of baby's nose are forming. Isn't that cool?

News in pregnancy: I have a superpower. I am... THE SUPER NOSE. I smell EVERYTHING. Sometimes this is a bad thing... like when I'm cooking, or every time I pass the garbage can. But sometimes it's a good thing! Last night when I was taking Blake for his walk I could smell the different flowers without even getting close to them, and I could smell the fruit trees. This one house must have been cooking something pumpkin-y, because it smelled WONDERFUL.

Also, for those who are interested, Trevor and I will be in Las Vegas Sunday night through Wednesday. Premier is sending Trevor there for a Welding Convention, and I get to tag along :) If there are any suggestions for things we should do while we're there, leave us a comment!