Jane and Elizabeth's 1st Birthday Party

e had Jane and Elizabeth's 1st birthday party yesterday! It was a candy shop theme, kind of. Well, as much theme as we could muster, anyway.

Dessert table.

This was my favorite: lollipop sugar cookies!

Chocolate covered marshmallows

We had Great Aunt Lorraine and Gigi there...

And Aunt Linda, Gigi again, and Great Aunt Lorraine again.

Grumpy, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma were there too!

Monica and Malcom

Jane and Elizabeth opened presents! Thank you everyone!

The birthday girls love this table. By the way, aren't they adorable in their little birthday dresses?

The... birthday. Cake. The outside didn't turn out how I imagined. Not even a little bit.

But the inside was still pretty!



Jane & Lizzie (she thought the cake was a pillow)

Jane and Lizzie




The Scene:

Kitchen Table. Atticus is eating lunch and making a mess. Mom tries to put a bib on him. Atticus flips out.

Atticus: (sobbing) "All done! All done!!"

Mom takes Atticus into her lap.

Mom: "Oh baby. Did I traumatize you?"

Atticus: "YES."