Thanksgiving at First Beach

We spent Thanksgiving at First Beach in La Push with Nana, Pa, Gigi, Grumpy, Aunt Lorraine, Bob and Paul this year. It was pretty great!! The meal was great, and so was the beach!

We had good weather on Thursday and Friday, but the surf was ridiculous.

The tide was really far in, all the way up to the driftwood logs, and sometimes when the waves crashed you could feel it reverberating all along the logs. And the FOAM! I have never seen so much sea foam in my life. Or so much of any other foam for that matter.

(Foam. And this is the day after.)


We blew bubbles for a while, and they would stick to the sand until the girls popped them.

The kids were pretty good, despite not getting much sleep because everyone was in the same room. After the first night we decided to put the girls to bed at a normal time, but keep Atticus up so he could go to bed at the same time as us, thus minimizing disturbances. Turns out he gets funnier the later you keep him up. Saturday night he was running around Nana and Pa's hotel room talking about dragons, tigers, owls and chickens. He would run over and open the door and talk about whatever was going on out there, and then come back and tell us again. This video really doesn't do justice to the stories he was coming up with, but it's still pretty good.

And as a bonus, here are some videos of Atticus chasing chickens and of a bear smiling at the Wild Game Farm.