More Baby News

I went to the doctor this afternoon and found out that I'm dilated to 3 centimeters. Not so good.

I'm now on complete bedrest, and I'm getting some steroid shots to mature the twins faster. Luckily I can stay at home for a little bit longer. I might end up in the hospital for a while before the twins are born, but hopefully just taking away some of the gravity will be enough.

Dr. Meredith says we will probably be having the babies before 36 weeks, so that's what we're preparing for now, although I'm still hopeful that we'll prove him wrong.

That's all for now, thanks for reading with us through this!


32 Week Update

My uterus is nearly at full capacity. Yes, I'm really this big. I keep waiting for Scotty from Star Trek to run in and yell something like "We're going to have to eject the core to get back to normal, Cap'n!"

This weeks appointment did not go perfectly. The biophysical profile showed that Baby B has some pretty low amniotic fluid levels. Baby A is still fine, she has plenty of room to kick (trust me). Because it's just one baby the Dr is pretty sure this means that the placenta is not functioning as well as it should, not that I'm just dehydrated. If Baby B's fluid gets much lower, then we'll be having some premature babies.

Both babies are still handling life in utero well, the NST went fine, and they were both doing some great practice breathing on the BPP. We didn't get any measurements this week, but they look (and feel) bigger. Probably about 4 pounds each by now.

Also, The Butchart Home is where electronics come to die. Our computer is down and out for the next week, so my online presence will be pretty quiet.

Thank you for reading our update, and please keep the girls in your prayers. Thank you! We love you!


Nature Park and the Apocalypse

Yesterday we took Atticus to feed the ducks! He was more interested in chasing after the ducks and slow geese than feeding them, but we all had a good time anyway.

This is the only picture of his face that I could get. The rest of the time he had his back to me.

One of the dumb geese.

Atticus contemplating what he would do if he caught a duck. My guess is that he would try to cuddle the duck, then pull out some feathers, and then get bitten.

Herding the ducks.

Last night we also experienced what I expect the apocalypse to look like.

It had been super windy all day, and it hasn't rained in a month so all the dust kicked up, and then there was a huge fire out by INL in the afternoon. Around 4 we saw this huge brown cloud rolling toward us, kind of like those old pictures of the dust bowl, except that it was higher up in the sky.

It was amazing how yellow and orange everything looked! Trevor said he felt like he was living in O Brother Where Art Thou.

None of these pictures have been edited at all. This is exactly what we saw when we looked straight up into the sky.

Luckily the fire is contained now, and we're back to beautiful blue skies :) I hope everyone is having a great day! We love you!


A Boy and His Taffy

We went to the park again! This time with Daddy!

He LOVES to crawl back and forth in the tunnel. And sometimes he likes to sit in the middle and look out the windows, like he's observing his kingdom.

I love that big lopsided grin.

It looks like the apple didn't fall far from the tree... and then he rolled back even closer to the roots.

I just thought I would post this as proof of the hugeness of the twins.


Last Saturday we went to Rexburg's 4th of July parade! It was GREAT!

Atticus got to pick up some taffy that they were tossing out and eat it.

It's tough to chew taffy, even when you have 12 teeth.

The Broulim's float is always my favorite

This is the float for the Madison gymnastics program. It has a trampoline in it so that the kids and flip and tumble while driving down the parade route. Trevor helped build it a few years ago!

The milk face kid also drank an entire carton of chocolate milk by himself (that's right, the Rexburg parade hands out cold chocolate milk. It's awesome.) plus his regular 6 ounces of whole milk that we brought with us. He should have some unbreakable bones.

And lastly, here is a video of Trevor coaxing Atticus to run through the sprinklers. Ta-Da!



Susan and Lucy? Jane and Elizabeth? Anne and Diana?

We are still taking suggestions for names.

Here is what the twins look like at 28 weeks, which is what I reached on Monday! This week the babies are blinking and sensing light that filters through to them. They're also getting fatter! We love roly-poly babies.

And THIS is what the twins look like from the outside

It looks even bigger in real life. I wish I could capture some of the acrobatics I see from the outside on video, but I'm never quick enough. Anyway, I hope everyone has a good 4th of July weekend!