Two more to ease the eaten cat sorrow.

"Cat Got Et"

Our cat Piper got eaten by a cougar and I've been feeling a little down about it so I looked up some cat gifs. Happiness shared is happiness doubled, so here you go.

By the way, the title is how Trevor always refers to Piper's death.


Words by Trevor and Michelle

I looked in the bathtub and what did I see?
Three stinky pumpkin heads looking at me
Life has brought us such a big surprise
Three little toddlers with big blue eyes
I could take an armful and make a treat!
Three little toddlers who smell so sweet!
We tried to make it so
But my nose is telling me
Three stinky pumpkin heads are looking at me!


What Has Michelle Been Up To?

I've been knitting Springy things! These Bunny hats were my General Conference project, although I didn't get much chance to work on them during conference. Modeled by the beautiful Elizabeth!

My little model was starting to get tired after looking so gorgeous, so I could only get a back view of this one. It's a tunic type shirt, but the purpose is the red pocket band at the bottom. The twins love to pick up rocks in the yard and carry them around, so this will assist with that.

I got to dig through all of Grandma Perkins and D.Ann's spare buttons for this project, and I found so many great ones! Since I can't post pictures of all 8, here are my 2 favorite.

I don't know if you can tell, but it's a penguin.

Beautiful Weather

We've had a couple of beautiful days this spring. Days that are great for picking flowers.

And even better for picking flowers with your sister.

And better yet for your sister learning how to fly.