I've been taking a Christian History class this semester, and naturally we have spent a lot of time talking about the Catholic religion. We actually spent the whole first half of the semester talking about what Roman Catholics believe and how their Mass proceeds (we spent a little time on Orthodox, but not nearly as much.) Now, while the class has an OBCENE amount of homework for a two credit class, I have learned quite a bit. Not from the homework at all, but the lectures are great.

My favorite part of Catholisism is the art. Specifically the saints and the depictions of Hell. If you get a hankering to cruise Goodle image search for Catholic pictures of Hell, look for the toads. They're everywhere! In almost every picture I've seen, there are toads eating people in Hell. And as for the saints... there is one Saint in particular that I can't really stop thinking of. Her name is Saint Lucy. If you look up pictures of her, she often has a pair of eyes on a plate or on the end of stems as flowers. I was pretty grossed out by this the first time I saw it (and that's saying something as we had already gone through most of the saints). Apparently she had a young suitor who told her that he was so entranced by her eyes that he had to marry her (he didn't want her to enter a nunnery). So she scratched our her eyes in fear for his soul. Yeah, you read that right. She scratched out her eyes because she thought the might be the end of this poor boy's soul. I think what weirds me out most about the pictures are that the eyes are LOOKING at you. They're staring you down, as if to say "What are you looking at, punk? I was a sacrifice for the salvation of a soul. What have you done today?"

Brother Hansen has also spent a lot of time discussing how to "read" Catholic churches, cathedrals and such. Things like identifying saints, noticing the progression along the knave of the church (the human journey), and seeing the influence of the kings on art and architecture. It's made me want to go to Europe even more, to see how much I could figure out on my own. Anyways, I was just thinking about it, and since this is my blog, you are the unwitting victims of my train of thought.


What is "green"? We do not know what this word means

It snowed again this morning. Big fat flakes just dropped on us for hours, covering sidewalks and trees and what little grass that was starting to peek out. I was getting so hopeful that maybe, just maybe, spring was coming. Maybe I wouldn't really have to spend eternity wading around in boots and wool coats. But alas, it was not to be.

Okay, yeah, it's not really that bad. Chances are it will start raining this afternoon and wash it all away. I know Trevor and I decided to move here instead of somewhere warmer, but it was still pretty depressing. Just keep your fingers crossed for us, and maybe things will start to warm up a little here!

EDIT: You are not crossing your fingers hard enough! It's still snowing! And it's windy! I almost killed myself on the way to school this morning because I couldn't see four feet in front of my car.


So many blogs... They're everywhere!!

I'm sitting here thinking about blogs, which is of course a dangerous thing to do. My blog has links to other blogs, who in turn have links to both my blog and other blogs, and I'm sure those other blogs probably have other-other blogs that they link to as well. It's a never ending chain of blog-linking!!

Here is something I don't really understand though: News Blogs. Does anyone really get their news from a News Blog? Or do people just read News Blogs to make fun of other peoples opinions on stuff? Do any of you guys read News Blogs?


His name is Hugh...

His name is Hugh. He's a Manatee, His name is Hugh. He's a Manatee, I love Hugh Manatee, I love Hugh Manatee, Yes. I. Do.

I just wanted to post a quick blog saying that I registered for classes a few days back. I'm only taking 14 credits, but I think I'm going to try and get involved in a play, or do some tutoring at the Fort Hall reservation next semester too. So, with one of those things, school, and work at the station, it's going to be a fun semester, I think.

Oh, the classes I'm signed up for are:

Intro to Broadcasting

Geology 101 Lab (I know, I was supposed to take that this semester, but I dropped it and went down to 15 credits.)

English 311C (I like have the computers right there)

Mass Media

Visual Media

Just in case you were curious.



So this frog walks into a bank. He rings the bell for a teller, and a woman named Patty-Whack came to help him. The frog says "I need a loan."
The woman gives him a skeptical look and says "I'm sorry; we don't give loans to frogs here. That's just ridiculous!"
"What!!" The frog exclaims, "I've gotten loans here before! Look, here's my collateral" and he puts a little porcelain elephant on the counter.
"What? What kind of collateral is this? There's no way we can give you a loan." says the bank teller.
"Come on! My dad's Mick Jagger! Of course you can give me a loan!! I've gotten one here before!" yells the frog.
The bank teller sighs, and goes to get the bank manager. They arrive back at the frog, and the bank teller points to the frog and the porcelain elephant and asks "How could you give this frog a loan? What is this?"
And of course, the bank manager replies
"It's a nick knack, Patty-Whack, give a frog a loan, his old man's a Rolling Stone!"