And a Few Others

Can you tell I just cleaned out the camera? Here are a few others that I couldn't fit into a topic.

All our kids love to be upside down. I know my mom always said I would kill all my brain cells by hanging that way, but it's one sure way to stop crying.

Baby in a box.

Some nights are just 5$ pizza nights, you know? Jane, Elizabeth and Atticus are okay with that.

Funny Face... s

Sometimes, our girls like to look a little silly...



Aaah, there's my beautiful girls!

Thank You Grandma and Grandpa!

(Kindly ignore the general mess)


We're Moving!

So we're moving to Washington. Most of you already know that. If you didn't, then Ta-Da!! We're moving to Washington!! Trevor got a job with FKC Screwpress in Port Angeles, WA. We're pretty excited! Here are pictures.

This is Port Angeles. That is Trevor's new place of business circled in yellow.

A reference for our new home.

It takes an hour to get from Trevor's folks to our new home. As opposed to 13 hours.

New details to come!


We should have more news stories like this.

"A man in Hoquiam, Washington, burst into the apartment of his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend and punched a guest in the face before fleeing.

According to a police report, the perp may have become enraged when the victim inquired as to the dead weasel the man was holding. “Why are you carrying a weasel?,” asked the assaulted guest. “It’s not a weasel, it’s a marten,” responded the attacker before striking the philistine.

“Martens are members of the weasel family,” reports the Associated Press. The more you know!"


Butchart Kids, LIVE and UNREHEARSED!

Licking the spatula from his chocolate birthday cake. I'm still not sure if he was hamming it up just for the camera, or if he just really enjoyed the chocolate.

Eliza muggin' for the camera. This is silly face I was talking about!

Getting dressed after his bath, just Atticus being Atticus.

There are some great videos of Atticus doing his best Fred Astaire over on our Youtube page HERE. If you feel like a laugh, you should go watch them.


What The Kids Are Up To


  • Getting the oven mitt and giving it a high five while yelling "HIGH FIVE!!"
  • Putting his cougar on top of cups (bum down) and saying "Potty! Yay!"
  • Yelling for no apparent reason.
  • Hours upon hours of garbage truck videos on Youtube. Only the ones with automatic loaders. If people are doing it, then he could care less.
  • Getting his 2 year molars.

  • Stealing everything that anyone else has. If it's in your hands, then she wants it, AND SHE WILL HAVE IT.
  • Crawling some of the time, scooting forward on her rear end the rest of the time.
  • Getting a hang of sippy cups and straws.
  • Got her 3rd tooth.

  • Crawling like a champ and standing without support pretty dang well too.
  • Making funny faces when she's feeling silly (I'll try to get a picture soon!)
  • Really not getting a hang of sippy cups or straws.
  • Crawling around her crib and pulling down her bumpers and jabbering as loud as she can when she doesn't want to sleep.
  • Got her 3rd tooth