A post for Grandpas

Happy Fathers Day!!

"Skid-a-marink-a-dink-ee-dink, Skid-a-marink-ee-doo, I love you!"

I just thought this outfit was cute... I'm going to be real sad when he outgrows that hat.

He's waving at you, thinking "What uuuuuuup, G?"

I don't know how I always catch these faces, but here it is for your enjoyment.

We can't wait to see you all in two weeks!


1 Month Old!

Happy 1 month birthday Atticus!!

Smiles are still a little rare, and this the only one I've caught on camera. But come on, how cute is that??

Most of his first month has been spent yawning, and then immediately falling asleep.

Chillin' Out, Atticus style.

Either sneezing or yawning... either way, it's hilarious.

I wish I had a pouch like a kangaroo. That would be awesome.


Wave 'O Babies!

Here are some Atticus pictures! Most of them are from my cell phone, because that's what I have around me all the time... I'll try to keep the good camera around more often :)

Getting to know each other... actually, I'm pretty sure Blake was checking to see if he was food or not.

I put him on his stomach, and he questioned my sanity.

He's pretty cute :)

It's stressful being an infant.

My mom took these two when she was visiting...I'm not sure what was going on in this one.

Trevor sleeps like this sometimes... They're both pretty adorable.


Bath Time!

Psssst... Hey grandmas! You want some bath time pictures? I got some grandbaby bath time pictures right here, real cheap.

"Why? Why would you CLEAN ME?"
Atticus does not approve.
He chilled right out when we got him wrapped up in his dinosaur towel.