Make your own nursing bra!!

I know this doesn't interest all of my regular blog clientele; but for all you nursing mama's who can't find nursing bras that fit you right, I bring you: A tutorial in how to make your regular bra into a nursing bra.

TA-DA!!! I mean, I'm sure I could find nursing bras that would fit me if I wanted to pay upward of 50$ a bra, but I don't. So I've settled for items that don't fit me. I mean, bras are complicated things!! Did you know that a Wonderbra has 42 parts?? I wasn't going to try making one from scratch, that's for sure! But I'm certainly going to give this a try. I'm so excited!!

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mo mcd said...

OOOH! That's a good idea! Motherhood bras only lasted like, 4 months before the wires came out. Now I'm a 36 F. Its hard enough to find a NORMAL bra in that size!